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I know how frustrating it can be to have a slow calendar and feel like you are never going to get back on track. I promise if you commit to work your business it will get better. Here is a way to get started again!!! Book a "Grand Re-Opening Show". We have a new catalog coming out May 1st and this is a great time to host an Out with the Old party to allow your guests to grab up all of their favorite retiring products. Or host an "In with the New" party. This will allow your friends and family to shop in the new catalog. DO A PRESENTATION, don't just do an Open House. This will allow you to practice your presentation AND PLAY THE DICE GAME. I promise you will get BOOKINGS. Do you want to just enjoy your friends and family. I will come and do your presentation and you can enjoy your friends and family. Host a kids party, invite your kids friends and their Mom's over for BINGO or crafts and set-up your table. Do a short presentation, showing all of the great ways you can use our products for their family. Once you pick a date, email me for 10 entries into our incentive drawing.

2/9/2014 08:18:35

What is the dice game? I couldn't find instructions anywhere. It is not on the game link website either.

2/9/2014 10:01:17

Here you go......


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