<![CDATA[Mad Baggers Thirty-One Gifts - Blog Area]]>Tue, 12 Jan 2016 00:25:35 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[2-10-1]]>Mon, 15 Apr 2013 12:25:26 GMThttp://madbaggers.weebly.com/blog-area/2-10-1The 2-10-1 model was introduced by Cindy a few weeks ago on our Directors call. This is an easy and simple way to be consistent in your business. 2 parties a month, with 10 guests at each party and 1 recruit a selling SEASON!!!! This will get you to leadership in 7 years. 2 parties a month that isn't too scary is it?
<![CDATA[Creating Momentum for Summer]]>Sat, 23 Mar 2013 01:31:25 GMThttp://madbaggers.weebly.com/blog-area/creating-momentum-for-summerPicture
Now is the time to create the momentum for summer months. In our business, summer months tend to slow down. Typically, May is slow, June is slower and July is even slower. BUT...we can impact that if we start now.    
The more parties we hold in April, the more we will book into May and then into June and July. When a guest is at our party, the energy, excitement and fun they experience is more likely to get them to book a party than if we are connecting outside a party during these months.     
Remember, we are usually two weeks out from getting paid for the work we do today. If you book a party today, they will likely book two weeks out, so the sooner we get started on filling our calendar, the sooner we will earn the income and the sooner we will begin to create the momentum to protect our summer calendar.    
Let's look at some different scenarios: 
1. Start now and book 4 parties into April. 3 will hold. Sell the benefits of hosting a party in May. (Mothers' day, school is out and life is less hectic, deck parties and so on.) Follow this with a booking game like the Dice Game while interest is high. You will likely book at least 2 parties at each party. Now you have 6 parties in May.    
With cancellations, you will likely hold 4 parties in May. Do the same thing at your May parties. In May you can sell the benefits of hosting in June. (Nicer weather, parties at the park, etc. Theme parties are especially effective in the summer months to help fill your calendar.) When you book at least 2 parties from these parties, you will have 8 booked into June.    
With June cancellations, you will likely hold 6. In June you can sell the benefits of July (Fourth of July theme party, pool party, kids are at camp party). You should be heading into July with 12 parties.     
Even with a higher cancellation rate in July, you will probably hold 6 of your 12 bookings. Book 2 parties from these 6 and you are heading into August with 12 bookings. 9 will hold.  Even with July being a slow month, because you prepared for it, you should have a strong August.    
You will end up having a fabulous summer season!
You'll be heading into the best season of the year with a fabulous calendar.          
2. What if you book six into April? 4 will hold. Book 2 parties at each. Go into May with 8. 6 will hold. Book 2 parties at each. Go into June with 12. 9 will hold. Book 2 parties at each. Go into July with 18. 9 will hold (your cancellation rate goes up to about 50% in July). Book 2 at each party and you are going into August with 18 bookings! 13 will hold.    
3. On the other hand, what if you book 2 parties now into April? 1 will hold. Book 2 parties from that party. Go into May with 2 bookings. 1 will hold. Book 2 parties from that party. Go into June with 2 parties. 1 will hold. Book 2 parties from that party. Go into July with 2 bookings. 1 will hold. Book 2 parties from that party. Go into August with 2 bookings. 1 will hold. 
More importantly, let's look at the income from these different scenarios:    
Income Scenario #1
From April - August you held 28 parties. 5.6 parties per month.  With a show average of $400 you would have sold $11,200. If you earn 25% commission, you earned $2800 over a period of 5 months. That's $560 per month!   
Income Scenario #2
From April - August you held 41 parties. 8.2 parties per month. With a show average of $400 you would have sold $16,400. If you earn 25% commission, you earned $4,100 over the summer! That's $820 per month!    
Income Scenario #3
From April - August you held 5 parties. 1 party per month. With a show average of $400 you sold $2,000. If you earn 25% commission you earned $500 over a period of 5 months. That's $100 per month.      
We also want to think about how many future customers, hostesses, recruits and even future leaders we have generated from the different scenarios. The number 2 scenario is only about 2 parties per week, but the difference between the results of scenario 2 and scenario 3 is huge!    
The time to create the momentum for the summer months is now! You are capable of excellence, so go for it!

Shari Hudspeth, Average to Excellence
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<![CDATA[Party Games]]>Tue, 19 Mar 2013 00:11:29 GMThttp://madbaggers.weebly.com/blog-area/party-gamesAre you looking to spice up your party? Do you want to change things up? Check this website out for some great ideas.............
Party Games
<![CDATA[Back to Basics]]>Fri, 15 Mar 2013 12:20:24 GMThttp://madbaggers.weebly.com/blog-area/back-to-basicsPicture
I know how frustrating it can be to have a slow calendar and feel like you are never going to get back on track. I promise if you commit to work your business it will get better. Here is a way to get started again!!! Book a "Grand Re-Opening Show". We have a new catalog coming out May 1st and this is a great time to host an Out with the Old party to allow your guests to grab up all of their favorite retiring products. Or host an "In with the New" party. This will allow your friends and family to shop in the new catalog. DO A PRESENTATION, don't just do an Open House. This will allow you to practice your presentation AND PLAY THE DICE GAME. I promise you will get BOOKINGS. Do you want to just enjoy your friends and family. I will come and do your presentation and you can enjoy your friends and family. Host a kids party, invite your kids friends and their Mom's over for BINGO or crafts and set-up your table. Do a short presentation, showing all of the great ways you can use our products for their family. Once you pick a date, email me for 10 entries into our incentive drawing.

<![CDATA[Congrats ladies]]>Fri, 01 Mar 2013 13:52:20 GMThttp://madbaggers.weebly.com/blog-area/congrats-ladiesPicture
Great job Nicole Tozer, Kimberly Michelle Feltes-Nelson, Jamie Camp, Paulette Messier and Brandy Scott-Woolson for all turning in shows in the month of February. This was our best month for overall team sales to date. Congrats to Nicole for having the highest sales for the month at $1,210 and congrats to Brandy for having the highest sales for a single party at $906. Way to go!!!!

<![CDATA[S.M.A.R.T. Goals Worksheet]]>Tue, 26 Feb 2013 18:16:52 GMThttp://madbaggers.weebly.com/blog-area/smart-goals-worksheetPicture
Pick one short term goal you have for your business and use the S.M.A.R.T. Goals worksheet to map out this goal. Send me a copy by 3-1-13 for 10 extra entries!!!!

<![CDATA[3 contacts a day to keep a consistent business!!!]]>Mon, 25 Feb 2013 20:30:25 GMThttp://madbaggers.weebly.com/blog-area/3-contacts-a-day-to-keep-a-consistent-businessRemember your 3-2-1, 3 contacts a day, 2 shows a week, and 1 recruit a month to keep your business consistent. Make 3 contacts today and I will give you 20 entries into the drawing. Post on here or email me your contacts and reason for contacts. I will also give you 20 entries for posting on here or emailing me what shows you currently have on your calendar!!!! You guys are rocking it!!!!]]><![CDATA[31 Minute call]]>Fri, 22 Feb 2013 13:37:00 GMThttp://madbaggers.weebly.com/blog-area/31-minute-callListen to the call Booking is the BEST for success by Alexi Hare and get 10 entries. Sign into TOT, click Training, New Consultant, Booking Basics and you will see the call. Email me with your thoughts on the call or post to here. ***Ladies feel free to respond to these blogs with your thoughts.**
<![CDATA[What is on your calendar for March and April?]]>Wed, 20 Feb 2013 03:47:18 GMThttp://madbaggers.weebly.com/blog-area/what-is-on-your-calendar-for-march-and-aprilRight now I have a fundraiser on 2-24, home show on 3-1, a vendor event 3-7, a home show 3-8, and a home show on 3-17. I am not exactly where I want to be but tomorrow is my day to make contacts.
<![CDATA[Booking at Check Out]]>Wed, 20 Feb 2013 03:05:01 GMThttp://madbaggers.weebly.com/blog-area/booking-at-check-outDo you find it hard to ask for bookings? Try this, when you are totaling up your customer order forms ask each customer if they got everything they wanted. 90% of the time they are going to say no. Respond, how about you hold a fast, fun and easy girls night in and  I can help you get everything you want. I am booking out 4 months. If you are feeling pushy this might help you.

***I challenge you to book 2 shows at each show you hold from now until the end of the incentive.