Celebrate, Encourage, Reward
This is a great time to grow your business. I know recruiting can be scary but remember you are not alone!!!!! The first thing to remember is I am here to help you, you also have Tara. We are available with anything you need any questions you have. Check out the career path on TOT. This will explain what you get commission wise and what you need to do as a team leader!!!! Remember recruits have until the end of March to sign up and until May 1st(or 30days from sign-up) to do their $1000 in sales. Most of my parties and I know for most of the team lately have been over $500 so really they could do the sales in 2 parties but I am suggesting 4. I am asking those interested to start trying to schedule parties now so they are set-up for success before they even sign-up. Let me know if you have any questions.

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